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McRent Motorhomes
McRent 2022 Motorhome Hire in Japan & Asia

Long Term Discounts
10% Discount for rentals between 10 and 20 days
15% Discount for rentals between 21 and 30 days
20% Discount for rentals between 31 and 40 days
30% Discount for rentals 41 days and over

   Depot Locations:
Hiratsuka - Kagawa / Takamatsu - Kofu - Nagano - Nagoyaminami - Osaka / Izumisano 
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2022 Seasons
Peak Season
Off Season
01 January - 06 January
20 March - 05 April
25 April - 06 May
01 July - 31 August
19 September - 27 September
26 December - 31 December
07 January - 19 March
06 April - 24 April
07 May - 30 June
01 September - 18 September
28 September - 25 December
Minimum Rental Time 7 Days
Minimum Rental Time 5 Days

2022 McRent Japan Rates
Daily Rates shown in Japanese Yen
Valid from 01 January to 31 December 2022
Family Standard
5 Seats / 5 Berth
¥ 0
¥ 27,000
¥ 32,000
Comfort Standard
6 Seats / 6 Berth
¥ 0
¥ 29,000
¥ 34,000
Comfort Plus
6 Seats / 6 Berth
¥ 0
¥ 29,000
¥ 34,000
Comfort Luxury
7 Seats / 5 Berth
¥ 0
¥ 32,000
¥ 37,000
Premium Standard
7 Seats / 5 Berth
¥ 0
¥ 32,000
¥ 37,000
Premium Luxury
4 Seats / 4 Berth
¥ 0
¥ 50,000
¥ 60,000
All Vehicles are a maximum of 3 years old and have Automatic Transmission.

The above rates include:

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Value added tax (VAT)
  • Comprehensive Insurance coverage with excess of ¥ 100,000 per case of damage
  • Third-party liability insurance with a global limit of indemnity of ¥ 50 Mio.
  • GPS (English & Japanese)
  • In part Reversing Camera
  • Air conditioning in Drivers Cabin
  • Outside cleaning after use
  • Kitchen Set
  • Charging Cable, Poly Tank for Water

Extras and Fees
Bedding Set
¥ 2,500
per person
Towel Set
¥ 1,500
per person
Camping Set
¥ 4,000
per rental (Table + Chairs)
Kitchen Set
per rental
Child Safety Seat
¥ 1,500
per seat (0-4 years)
Child Raised Seat
¥ 1,000
per seat (4 - 8 years)
Snow Chains
¥ 8,000
per rental
Additional Driver
per rental
CDW - ¥ 50,000
¥ 5,000
per day - Exemption Compensation for Automobile Insurance. Full Information here
Emptying Toilet
¥ 15,000
per rental, if necessary
Amendment Fee
¥ 2,500
per amendment
Diesel / Petrol Charge
¥ 5,000
per rental (if necessary)
Late Drop Off
¥ 2,500
per hour up for late check-in of vehicle
Inside Cleaning
¥ 15,000
per vehicle, if necessary
Winter Tyres
per rental
English & Japanese

Pick up and Drop Off Times:
Please use these times as a guide only, as they may change slightly between locations.

Pick Up - Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm
          - Saturday / Sunday: 10am to 7pm
Drop Off - Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm
          - Saturday / Sunday: 10am to 7pm

Pick Early / Late Drop Offs: ¥ 3,800 per every extra hour / part of an hour If the client can't show a valid credit card, passport or ID and a valid driver's license the vehicle is deemed to be not collected.

McRent only guarantees a specific group, NOT a specific vehicles. Seats and berths may vary.

CDW Insurance:
CDW ¥ 5,000 per day - Insurance premium deduction (¥ 100,000) will be compensated. If there will be a damage and the vehicle is still running, then there will be a non-operation charge of ¥ 50,000. Means, as soon as the vehicle is damage and the damage needs to be fixed in a repair shop, then there will apply the still running option and that means that the customer gets charged ¥ 50,000 for it. If the vehicle is not running at all then there will be a charge of ¥ 100,000 for the non-operation. The customer needs to pay a deposit of ¥ 100,000 at Pick Up. The internal will not be covered with this insurance.

CDW ¥ 7,000 per day - In the Full Cover is the non-operation charge compensated. That means that the customer will not have to pay for the non-operation charge at all. Please take a look at the extra - CDW in this case, to see what the non-operation charge is. The customer needs to pay a deposit of ¥ 50,000 at Pick Up. The internal will not be covered with this insurance.

Return of the Vehicle:
Passenger compartment in clean condition, otherwise a fee of ¥ 15,000 is charged. Toilet emptied, otherwise a fee of ¥ 15,000 is charged. Fully fueled, otherwise a fee of ¥ 5,000 per rental is charged. Cassette type gas, otherwise a fee of ¥ 5,000 is charged.

General Information:
Pets: Exclusively to be accomodated on agreement with the rental station - please contact us for more information.

Smoking: Not allowed in any vehicle.

Accidents: Immediate information of police and rental station! The damage has to be recorded and documented appropriately.

Late & Early Drop Offs:
If the vehicle is returned after the time that was agreed in writing, we charge
¥ 3,800 for every extra hour or part of an hour and pass on any claims for compensation for damages that may be asserted by the next renter or another person due to a late receipt of the vehicle.If the vehicle is returned before the expiration of the agreed rental period - there is no refund for unused days unless the vehicle can be rented to another party.
Not included: 
Fuel and operating costs are to be borne by the renter. he vehicles are handed over with full fuel tanks and they are to be returned full
otherwise a fee of ¥ 5,000 per rental is charged.

Drivers Age / Licence / Weight of Vehicle:
Minimum age is 19 years (21 years for Premium Standard & Premium Luxury vehicles) and must have held a full driver's licence for one year (three years for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes). No maximum age. If renting a vehicle weighing more than 3.5 tonnes, it is the driver's responsibility to check that his/her driver's licence permits him/her to drive it.

Security deposit / Refundable bond:
A security deposit of
¥ 100,000 has to be deposited when hiring the vehicle. This security deposit can be reduced (see additional accessories). It is payable exceptionally only by credit card.

One Way Fees:
The one way fees depend on the distance in between the Pick-Up and Drop-Off station.

¥ 43,000
¥ 40,000
¥ 53,000
¥ 40,000
¥ 55,000
¥ 68,000
¥ 30,000
¥ 40,000
¥ 55,000
¥ 68,000
¥ 30,000
¥ 40,000
¥ 40,000
¥ 55,000
¥ 68,000

Calculation of the Rental Rates:
Basis for the calculation are the rates valid for the respective season. Pick Up and Drop Off are counted as a single day, unless a 24 hour period is exceeded. (daily pro rata billing)

Authorised Drivers:
The vehicle may only be driven by the renter himself/herself and by the drivers specified in the rental contract.

Substitute Vehicle:
In case the reserved vehicle cannot be made available at the rental station, the lessor reserves the right to provide a vehicle that is comparable in size and equipment or bigger. That will not cause any additional rental costs for the renter. If a smaller vehicle is offered and accepted by the renter, the price difference of both vehicles is reimbursed. If the provision of a bigger vehicle causes higher ancillary costs, such as ferry charges and tolls or operating costs, such costs are to be borne by the renter.

Shortening of Rental Period:
If a renter shortens their hire period by more than a week - it may be treated as a cancellation of the whole booking and a re-booking. This depends on when the amendment takes place and how many days of hire are being cancelled. Please ensure you always have travel insurance in place.

Cancellation Fees:

Current Special Cancellation and Rebooking Options
  • - Up to 7 days before beginning of rental 10% of the rental price
  • - Between 6 to 3 days before beginning of rental 50% of the rental price
  • - Between 2 to 1 days before beginning of rental 80% of the rental price
  • - At rental day / day of pick up or by no show 100% of rental price
  • We also charge a nominal handling fee
  • Travel insurance can cover cancellation fees under certain circumstances. 
  • Please ask for a  brochure.
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