Kitchen Equipment Included in the rental rates
Croatia  -  Estonia  -  Finland  -  Iceland  -  Norway  -  Sweden
Frying Pan Cutting Board
Little Pot Hot Pad
2-5 Litre pot Pot Stand
Water Pan Soup Spoons
Thermos Tea Spoons
Coffee Filter Knives and Forks
Dinner Plates Spaghetti Spoon
Soup Plates Cutting Knife
Drinking Glasses Small Sharp Knife
Coffee Mugs Cheese cutter
Salad Bowl Frying Laden
Salad Spoons Ladle
Serving Bowl Bottle opener with cork screw
Strainer Can opener
Beater Wash Basin
Measuring Cups Draining board
Vehicle Equipment Included in the rental rates
Hangers Water Hose
Dish Brush 220V Resource Cable
Dustpan and Brush First Aid Kit
Plastic Baskets Rubber Gloves
CD Player Multilingual Instruction Book
Scissors Instant Tyre Repair Kit
Mosquito Nets Blinders
12V / 220 V Outlets Gas Bottles