Touring Cars Terms and Conditions
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Authorised Driver Requirements:
A valid driver's license is required for all rentals. Drivers must have held a driver’s license for the minimum requirement specified for each location. In addition, the minimum age requirements must be met in order to enter an agreement between the client and the lessor.

The driver must present an acceptable credit card (debit cards not accepted). All additional drivers must be marked on the rental agreement (additional fee will apply). Renter and each additional authorised driver must be present to sign the rental agreement.

Pick Up and Drop Off:
Pick-up and drop-off procedures will always take place at our rental station. Touring Cars offers a number of versatile transfer services to and from nearby locations, before and after the rental, but the motorhome pickups and drop offs are always at Touring Cars rental station premises.

  • Airport Transfers:
    If a client requests an airport transfer for pickup, we will pick them up from the airport and drive them to our rental station. We do not handover rental vehicles at the airport. Clients always have to return their rental vehicle to our rental station. If they have booked an airport transfer for drop-off we will drive them to the airport after their rental vehicle has been cleared. Airport transfers are confirmed 30–60 minutes after arrival time and drop-off time is confirmed minimum 3 hours before departure time.

    Airport transfer has to be requested separately with complete arrival details: arrival flight number and the estimated arrival time of the flight.
  • Hotel and City Transfers:
    If a client orders a hotel transfer for pickup, Touring Cars will provide a transfer from the hotel to the rental station, where pick-up procedures will be performed by the staff. Similarly, if they book a hotel transfer for drop-off they have to bring the vehicle back to our rental station first. After their rental vehicle has been cleared they will receive a transfer to the hotel.
  • Drop-Off Only Destinations:
    Some destinations are available only as drop-off only destinations. Touring Cars does not have offices in drop-off only locations. If you have booked a one-way trip to these locations, our staff member will meet you at the airport at these locations to collect the rental vehicle.
  • Post Rental Check-Up:
    Clients who wish to book one-way rentals to any of the listed one-way locations are required to sign one deductible for Touring Cars and agree for a post rental check-up. During post rental check-up the motorhome condition is inspected after the clients have returned the motorhome to the agreed drop off location and have already departed. After the post rental check-up, Touring Cars will refund the deductible if there are no new damages on the vehicle.

Insurance Coverage:
The insurance coverage is divided into two different parts:

Compulsory Third Party Insurance
The compulsory insurance covers all the damages or accidents to the third party caused by you. The second one is the collision insurance, which covers damages to your own rental vehicle caused by an accident.

Collision Insurance
Collision insurance covers damages to the vehicle due to an accident, fire or theft. The insurance is NOT valid if the vehicle is being used under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, or if damage is caused due to reckless behavior.

The collision insurance does not cover any interior damages that are not caused by a traffic accident.

Clients will be given details of the current defects on the damage form. Client is responsible to discover the damages prior of signing the document. Client is liable for all new damages found on the vehicle upon the end of client’s rental period. All new damages, which were not marked on the agreement upon pickup, will be charged from client. This notice is given for clients’ protection.

All Touring Cars rentals include collision insurance with TC Basic deductible. In a case of an accident caused to the rental vehicle, the client needs to pay maximum the deductible per damage, per accident, per lost items or per punitive sanctions (please see the returning policy). The collision insurance covers the part of the monetary loss, which exceeds deductible value per damage. Insurance deductible does not cover interior damages which are not caused by traffic accident.

The minimum reduction period for lowering deductible is 7 rental days or equivalent monetary payment (10 days in TC Total). All additional drivers need to be named for the insurance for it to be valid. If a non-designated driver drives the rental vehicle TC Basic insurance terms and conditions apply with corresponding deductible value per damage. All other rental and insurance conditions remain the same.

Vehicle insurances are valid only in Touring Cars rental station countries, vehicle cannot be taken abroad without special agreement with Touring Cars.

Security Deposit:

  • Deposit is required upon departure to ensure that the vehicle is returned in the same condition as it was upon pick-up.
  • We will authorize one full deductible from client's card at pick-up. The client's credit limit ought to be sufficient to cover the deductible and other purchases that they plan to make during their holiday. Authorization will be cancelled when no new damages are discovered at drop-off.
  • All authorized drivers have to present an individual credit card for insurance purposes.
  • Credit Card has to be valid minimum 6 months after drop-off. The Credit card's credit limit must be sufficient for required deposit amount.

Accepted Credit Cards are Visa, Amex and Mastercard. No cash is accepted! Please note that we will charge 6% for using Amex. Local limitations may apply.

Traveling Outside the Vehicle Collection Country:
Client is obligated to ask for approval from rental station when traveling outside the country where the rental station is located. Outside the rental agreement opening country occured accidents may incur a higher deductible claim from the client. Rental stations hold the right to limit the lowest deductible to TC Plus in case of the motorhome is taken abroad. If customer is planning to visit several countries it is important to contact the rental station in advance and double check the requirement for a green card (additional insurance document).

Touring Cars rental station obtains the green card document, if a client wishes to enter agreed countries. However, an additional insurance document is required. Traveling within the Nordic countries does not require any special attention concerning approval nor green card when a rental vehicle has been collected from one of these countries.

Traveling in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine:
Traveling to Russia, Belarus or Ukraine is not allowed with vehicles rented from rental stations in EU. Traveling to Eastern European countries is allowed for rental vehicles taken from Tallinn and Riga ofices and with a special permission from other rental stations. Special insurance requirements may apply to traveling in Eastern European countries.

Visa Requirements:
Please note that some destination countries may require a visa. The client is responsible for organizing all visa-related matters.

Fuel, Service and Maintenance:
You are required to pay for your fuel. The car hire is to inform the renter the correct quality fuel to be used. Vehicles are handed over with a full tank and are to be returned with a full tank. Please check the tank is full before leaving the depot on pick up. The renter is liable for damages caused by usage of incorrect quality fuel. During the rental period you are responsible for taking care of normal car maintenance, such as e.g. the engine oil quantity, the radiator and battery fluids, the tire pressures, etc.

Office and Admin Fees:
Touring Cars will automatically charge a clients credit card for all parking fines which clients have received during their holiday with office fee / admin fee. The office and admin fees are location specific, and are presented for the clients at the rental station.

Roadside Help

  • Free 24 hour telephone assistance
    Free 24 hour telephone assistance - we provide customer service to clients 24 hours a day during their holiday.
    (not available in Drop Off Desination countries only)
  • Key replacement (additional fee)
    Lost keys? No worries, we will send replacement keys or a locksmith.
  • Flat tire
    Rental motorhomes are not commonly equipped with a spare tire, but with a 12V compressor kit. Flat tire can be inflated with the compressor and drive the vehicle to the closest repair garage. If a punture is severe then vehicle will be towed to the nearest garage. This is free of charge service if the client has purchased windshield / tyre protection package.
  • Towing
    If the vehicle is inoperable (unrelated to an accident or fault of driver’s behavior) towing charges will be covered at no additional charge.
  • Jump start (additional fee)
    A battery boost will be provided in an attempt to start the vehicle.  
  • Fuel delivery (additional fee)
    A limited supply of fuel will be delivered to the vehicle to enable you to reach the nearest open service station. Up to 15 liters.
  • Vehicle replacement (additional fees may apply)
    In case of severe technical malfunction of the vehicle, through no fault of the customer, Touring Cars will replace the vehicle for the clients with the best possible available alternative vehicle. Vehicle replacement service is subject to availability at all times, and the need for the replacement is asessed and decided by Touring Cars.
Please note: that Road Side Help is available in Touring Cars destination countries only.

Early Returns:
There are no refunds for early returns of the vehicle.

Vehicle Check-up:
Touring Cars motorhomes are inspected regularly, and numerous times between the rentals by trained mechanics and Touring Cars staff. Technical condition together with thorough damage check on the motorhomes is performed through standardized process after each rental, Detailed damage examples and price lists are available at pick-up. The price list has been compiled on a maximum price per damage basis. In addition, we provide guidance for clients on how to check a motorhome at pick-up to assure the clients on the condition of the motorhome.

The condition of the motorhome is presented for each client during pick-up and the client is allowed to inspect the motorhome as thoroughly as required. For clients who for any reason feel insecure about the condition of the motorhome, are encouraged by Touring Cars to take pictures of the motorhome on the rental station yard to reassure on the condition of the motorhome.

Shortening of Rental Period:
If a renter shortens their hire period by more than a week - it may be treated as a cancellation of the whole booking and a re-booking. This depends on when the amendment takes place and how many days of hire are being cancelled. Please ensure you always have travel insurance in place.

Changes and Cancellation Fees:

  • 30 days or more prior to departure: EUR 250.
  • 29 days to 22 days prior to departure 30% of rental costs.
  • 21 days to 16 days prior to departure 55% of rental costs.
  • 15 days to 1 day prior to departure 100% of rental costs.
  • Departure day or no-show 100% of rental costs.

Traveling with Children in a Motorhomes
Children traveling in a motorhome
A child whose height is less than 135 cm has to be in a certified safety device when traveling. However, children under 3 years have to be traveling always in a baby seat, meaning that if a baby seat cannot be installed in to the vehicle children under 3 years cannot travel in the vehicle.

Child seat is a legal requirement in most Touring Cars destinations, for verification please check local requirements from destination countries.

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