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If fine is not enough, we offer the best. Our Luxury rental category motorhomes are luxurious 'on-the-road homes' equipped for up to four people. In these rental motorhomes, everything, up to the smallest details of the interior, is top quality. Please inform when booking if you require a vehicle for two to four persons.

Luxury rental camper features semi-integrated as well as alcove model motorhome models. These beautifully designed on-the-road homes are guaranteed head turners on a camping site.

New Fleet
Luxury category campers represent the finest motorhome models available and they're all are driven less than 100,000km. Quality is important to us so booking Touring Cars motorhome rental holiday you can trust that you will receive only the best rental vehicles available. All of our rental campers will go through four independent checks between each rental client to ensure care free holiday for every client. This process takes a minimum of three hours and includes thorough cleaning, full technical check-up and personalized preparation of the rental camper for its next guest.

Interior of the luxury category provides you the fine desing from corner to corner. This category is also equipped with TV/DVD player, on-board computer and an air-conditioning also in the house side. In addition Luxury models features premium kitchen ware and if ordered, premium bed linens. If you are used to five star facilities, this is your choice!

Well Equipped
Rental campers in all luxury categories include state of the art bathroom and cooking facilities as well as full kitchen and dining ware. Even though all of our campers are super well equipped including vehicle levellers, bike racks, electricity cables, water hoses etc. this cateogry takes it even further providing air-conditioning for the comfortable living as well as TV system for entertainment. Beautiful and clever interior desing creates open feel to the interior.

Five Star Service
For exclusive service experience all of our luxury clients can enjoy VIP airport transfers and full personal orientation with refreshments to explain how to use all of the equipment on board your beautiful motorhome. Furthermore you will have priority 24 hour camper service phone number for any road side questions and rental campers replacement service in case of any severe malfunctions. Your on board computer will also have video material on how to operate all of your rental motorhome appliances.

Luxury Packages Includes:

  • Premium kitchen set
  • Flat Screen TV + DVD
  • Full Air Conditioning (Interior & Front) - working, when vehicle is connected to exterior electricity grid
  • Premium pillows with rental of bed linen set
  • Surprise gift including upon pick up including Taste & Design of Scandinavia
Vehicles and layouts are samples and are subject to change at any time
Other Vehicles
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